Las Vegas Nightclubs: Top 10 Clubs to Visit in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Nightclubs: Top 10 Clubs to Visit in Las Vegas!

Top 10 Clubs to Visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas clubs have so much to offer you – but only if you know where to go! So, here it is: the insider’s scoop on the most indulgent and decadent clubs in Sin City:

10. Rain Club

Rain is a completely unique venue amongst the other Las Vegas nightclubs. The fountains and waterfalls really add energy and coolness to the club. The abundance of water everywhere reflects the lights and cushions the sound waves to a deep resonating vibration that you feel deep in your stomach and chest. Rain is a true oasis in the desert of Las Vegas.

The crowds are lively and always ready to party hard! The VIP skyboxes are excellent as are the private cabanas. Special effects such as lightening, fog and fire will all add to your electric experience. George Maloof, the owner goes on the philosophy that if you have the women at a club – you also will have the men. That’s what Rain delivers: loads of hot women and excited men looking for and finding some of the best times in Vegas.

9. Ghostbar

From the very second that you enter the Ghostbar, you sense an eerily entertaining and frightening sexy change from anywhere else you have ever been. It’s located high in the Vegas sky atop The palms Casino Resort. The Ghostbar offers its guest the best views of Vegas. This is true because you can go all around the outside deck and view Sin City in all directions from a Gargoyle’s vantage point.

The crowd here is playful and they just love to shake the nights away. The entire club is thematic and the decor utilizes lots of mirrors, glass and stainless steel to bring out the macabre in all patrons. The music is an energetic blend of several popular styles – making sure to please everyone as the nights progress. The Ghostbar is definitely one Las Vegas nightclub that you will want to visit – if you aren’t too afraid of really good times.

8. OPM

OPM is hot. There’s no doubt about it. It’s located directly above the wonderful restaurant, Chinois inside Caesars Palace. OPM presents its guests with a sensual blending of eastern and western cultures. Modern American decor is meshed with Asian elements to bring out the mystic in all of us. A full menu of Wolfgang Puck dishes are serves every night until 3 am.

Electricity and eroticism are the central characteristics that hit you when you enter OPM. It’s like going into the dream of every man and woman combined. Sexy meets classy here and the crowds are open to a lot of different activities and ideas. Leave your inhibitions at your hotel room because they will be smothered in free expression here at OPM.

The Go-Go girls really shouldn’t even bother wearing any clothes at all considering the amount that they wear. Over a million AOL voters have dubbed OPM as the #1 nightclub to visit in Vegas. It will be obvious to you as to why when you visit OPM!

7. Voodoo

Hot bodies and Las Vegas’s most original cocktails await you at the Voodoo nightclub. On top of the 51st floor of the Rio Hotel located at 3700 W. Flamingo Blvd, this upscale nightclub caters to all of the needs of it’s sophisticated yet funky guests in grand style. Vegas’s hottest DJs, live bands that truly rock out and a vast array of some of the most scorching dancers in Las Vegas will act in conjunction to mentally transport you to another world.

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The Voodoo Lounge offers you a bird’s eye view of some of the most desirable Go-Go girls in the business. They will dress up for you in tight fishnet stockings accompanied by slick, black vinyl boots and shake it like there’s no tomorrow! These beauties are not paid so well to be shy.

The bartenders act with fantastic showmanship as they whip up the most exotic beverages in Vegas. They hold nothing back here and of course, there is a centralized theme to these uniquely delicious love liquids. Try a Witch Doctor or a Zombie! Your mouth will no sooner forget them than your eyes will forget all that they are feasting on.

6. Pussycat Doll Lounge

The taboo-defining nightlife in Las Vegas is epitomized at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. Hot, steamy, sexy women playfully perform cabaret acts for visitors every day from 4 p.m. – 4 a.m. The nightclub was originally formed in LA and quickly gained international notoriety as “LA’s hottest cabaret ticket of the year” as stated by People Magazine.

The Pussycat Dolls Lounge now resides inside of the Caesars Palace Hotel. The PURE Management Group takes good care of the Dolls as they continue to thrill voyeuristic visitors from all over the planet – both celebrities and common folk alike, both men and women combined. A visit to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete with experiencing the sultry flavor of the Pussycat Dolls!

These hip-shakin’, underwear-poppin’ beauties take visitors on a sexy medley of two dozen musical numbers – all perfectly grooved, grinded and lip-sinked. Your mind will race and your eyes will widen in hope as the Pussycat Dolls spread their legs wide and drop from their scantly-clad waists forward time and again showing you what you cannot have (unless you are “The Hef” himself!).

5. Forty Deuce

Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce striptease nightclub makes its home inside of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino at 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. The nightclub itself has a sexy feel form the front door on. As you enter, you will transcend your robotic existence and melt into the vibe of the club. The Forty Deuce is renowned for its capacity to provide you privacy – making you feel as though every dancer in the house is specifically there for your pleasure and enjoyment. The chairs are plush and low.

All patrons are seated at their own cocktail table that has a small lamp centered – casting just enough glow to accentuate the already perfect ladies in the house. The Forty Deuce in Las Vegas is a very popular choice of the stars as well. Regulars include George Clooney, Aston Kutcher, Sting, David Arquette, Brad Pitt and Mick Jagger. It’s not the men either: Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts have also repetitively shown up as unexpected guests.

This is one of Vegas’s hottest nightclubs for a lot of good reasons – and all of them love to take their clothes off for you. The underlying goal of the Forty Deuce is to entice you, seduce you and leave you with several new lifelong fantasies and exquisitely beautiful memories.

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4. Tao

Inside of the Tao Asian Entertainment Complex housed in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada is the Tao nightclub – one of the most sensual and erotic clubs comprising the Vegas nightlife scene. The club is BIG – 10000 square feet of big! The floor plan is divided into two separate rooms: The Temple and The Emperor’s Ballroom. Each have their own air of Asian mystery – their designs reminding patrons of the Shanghai opium houses of the past. There is also a 40 foot outdoor terrace that will blow you away with its stunning views of the Vegas strip.

Inside of the Tao Asian Entertainment Complex housed in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada is the Tao nightclub – one of the most sensual and erotic clubs comprising the nightlife scene. The club is BIG – 10000 square feet of big! The floor plan is divided into two separate rooms: The Temple and The Emperor’s Ballroom. Each have their own air of Asian mystery – their designs reminding patrons of the Shanghai opium houses of the past. There is also a 40 foot outdoor terrace that will blow you away with its stunning views of the Vegas strip.

The lighting and sound systems at the Tao are unparalleled anywhere in Vegas. They are state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line to say the least. They have been honed to perfection from a highly technical and skillful staff. These guys know how to rock you hard and deliver the goods! Beautiful servers cater to your every need. They really bend over backwards (or frontwards!) to bring you what you desire. It’s an organized state of sensual chaos here at the Tao – and patrons love every second of it. Take the time to enter into a realm of Asian bliss – complete with all of the dirty little features that you secretly hope for.

3. Pure

Stop in for an evening of pure adult fun at the Pure nightclub in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada! You won’t find a hotter spot in all of the strip. Pure is located inside of Caesars Palace and spins a fine selection of the day’s freshest hip-hop, rock and house -remixed tunes. They are delivered at maximum levels of bass-pumping pulsation for you to groove to all night long.

The capacity at Pure is 2400, so there will be loads of beautiful patrons to try to hook up and shake it with every night. That’s a lot because the club is huge! There are three unique and energetic sub-environments within Pure totaling over 36000 square feet of bliss. Pure’s center strip location at Caesars yields thousands of visitors nightly – all of them shakin’ like they should be breakin’!

A group of Hollywood’s elite celebrities were responsible for the launch of this mega-club. That makes it quite likely for you bump shoulders with them while at the club. Some of the best strip views are seen from here. Also, the Terrace Room offers an ovular dance floor, private cabanas and a never-ending scenario of bar activity. If you are looking for a nice, relaxing evening – then go watch Cher. If you want to get down with the professional party people – get you money-maker on over to the Pure nightclub!

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2. Body Language

At the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, there is a smokin’ hot nightclub called Body English – as if you haven’t already heard of it. What you may not know though is that this nightclub was designed and is operated for the sole purpose of expression: bodily expression! This place is for the good-looking: good-looking bartenders, good-looking dancers, good-looking waitresses, good-looking patrons and a good-looking environment for you to shake it in until the sun rises again.

There are two stories and 7600 sq. ft of devious thrill space here. The lower tier features cavelike booths where you can find a lot of privacy. If you need more than that, there are also private rooms available. The experience at Body Language is distinct and unique when compared to other nightclubs. Body Language epitomizes luxury and sensuality.

The music is classier than at most nightclubs too. After all, this is the Hard Rock Cafe we are talking about! You will not be subjected to the endless droning of Techno. Energetic elegance is a good way to describe what you get at Body Language. There are 41 VIP booths (be rich if you want one) that are catered to by two deliciously decorated self-contained bars. Body Language encompasses all of the desired attributes of Las Vegas in one hot club!

1. The Playboy Club!

When you mix the planet’s sexiest women, a flare for indulgent eroticism and the casino mentality of Las Vegas, you get a perfect mixture of adult fun called the Playboy Club. No visit to Las Vegas would be completed without going there. Playboy is a firm fixture of American heritage. The magazine, the art, the bunnies, Hef: they all have a place in the minds and hearts of every man and women.

Playboy has an enduring reputation for representing the beauty of women with class and dignity. So does the Playboy Club in the Palms! Seated high in the Vegas sky, atop The Palms Fantasy Tower, the Playboy Club pulsates and grinds with exotic activity every single day from 8 pm until 4 am. The pages of the iconic magazine come to life inside the Playboy Club displaying huge flat screen monitors presenting classic and modern cover and feature photos.

The wallpaper is also Playboy centerfold based in design. Ceiling-to-floor windows offer you spectacular views of the Vegas strip. The Playboy Club is original in another sense as well: you can get your gamble on in here! That’s right, you can have a bad little bunny bring you a drink, do a private little dance for you or deal you a lucky hand of Blackjack. Of course, bunnies are also in complete control of the roulette tables that dot the club. The sounds are pumpin’ and the lights are flashin’ while you and hundreds of other beautiful, happy people get down in true Vegas style!


Wherever you decide to visit, make sure that you dress fashionably and have your ATM card handy. Vegas is all about hot women, good times, partying hard and living like the king that you dream of being. Take full advantage of the nightclubs of Las Vegas by leaving your inhibitions at home!

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