Where Is Hopkins Village Located?

Where Is Hopkins Village Located?

Hopkins Village is located on the beautiful coast of Belize. It sits in the country’s central region and the village itself faces east looking out directly over the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The location of Hopkins makes it an ideal base for a vacation. You have easy access to all the attractions of the region, including national parks, wildlife reserves, and – of course – the stunning coastline. But also, because Hopkins Village is so centrally located, it makes day trips to other popular places, like Placencia, Dangriga, or even the famous Cayes, an enticing prospect.

Tell me more about Belize

The country of Belize sits south of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and to the east and north of Guatemala. Belize boasts 174 miles of coastline, which is a major selling point for visitors who want to incorporate at least a little bit of beach time into their vacation.

Belize is a relatively petite country, with an area of around 23,000 sq km, making it over 400 times smaller than the United States. However, despite its miniature footprint, Belize has a number of different terrains, including the Maya Mountains to the south of the country, limestone lowlands to the north, and wetlands to the west.

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Belize has seen rapid development of its tourist trade over the last couple of decades, with income from tourism making up twice as much of the annual GDP in 2019 as it did in 2000. Much of this tourism is centered around its northerly Cayes and popular beach towns, such as Placencia, and more recently, Hopkins Village.

Tell me more about Stann Creek district

Stann Creek is the district in which you’ll find Hopkins Village. It occupies around 2,500 sq km, which is a little over 10% of Belize’s total land area, and it has 44,000 residents. This is an extremely multicultural region, with Garifuna, Creole, Maya, and Mestizo ethnicities all represented.

Stann Creek boasts some of Belize’s main tourist destinations, including Placencia and Hopkins, as well as the district’s capital, Dangriga. This important part of the country is often nicknamed ‘The Culture Capital of Belize’, thanks to the significance of its characterful villages and towns. Some of these are noteworthy Garifuna settlements, including Dangriga and, of course, Hopkins. You can find out more about Garifuna culture in this article.

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Tell me more about Hopkins Village

Although small in size, Hopkins Village is of great cultural importance, both in Belize and internationally. Hopkins has an enviable position, sitting right on Belize’s attractive beachfront. It is located between the larger towns of Placencia and Dangriga, and close to places like the Monkey River, where you can enjoy a true outdoor adventure on a monkey-spotting boat ride. Getting to Hopkins Village is also easy – you can read this article for all the information you’ll need.

Once you arrive in Hopkins, you may never want to leave. But remember that, although Hopkins is a hideaway paradise, Belize has plenty of other attractions up its sleeve.

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